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Please Baby

Elena Serna


Please baby
won't you forgive me,
I know that
I've hurt you badly,
Please Baby
Tell me that you still love me,
This is what I wanted to hear from you.

Too many times, too many times I've been sitting alone
Waiting you to come home, (oooh)
Too many lies, too many lies I've heard from your mouth,
But with all your talking, you still don't realize,
That I'm done with this
I'm done with that
Get off my way I ain't coming back
Am I a fool for loving you?
Giving you everything that I have and call you my boo?


I knew that you were trouble, that you'd only give me problems,
That I'd be the one to pick you up, when you're too drunk to stand up.
I thought with me you'd change, but guess all men are just the same,
They talk sweet and make big promises make you forget what the real problem is.
I'm done with this,
I'm done with you,
Too many tears I've cried for you.
Bet you can't say,
These words to me,
You're too selfish to care about me.

Refrain x 2

#Soul #Jazz

Date de sortie

06 April 2016

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Elena Serna

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