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Crazy About You

Elena Serna

I wake up every morning, feeling a strange pain, (huumhuum)
Right into my stomach, it's growing up day by day.
No need to see a doctor, i got my own idea
Quite sure that the whole thing started
When I saw you walking down the alley at that party hey

Giiiiirl, have you checked the boy? Did he come alone?
And giiiirl, I think he's coming at you what you gonna do?

I'm gonna dance and whip my hair and make him wanna stare at me
Even if inside I'm no sure of me things are getting real tight cause
Baby! Humm
You don't know what you doing, hmm
The power you got on me, I'm hypnotized
But Baby, hmm
what is happening to me?
I get cold when I'm lonely, and have fever when you hold me tight

I can't explain to you the way that I'm feeling
But I can't take it anymore somehow I gotta do something
To show you and all these girls why I am so sick
the thing is, babe you drive me madly insanely crazy

Call her a doctor..... Crazy about you...
Wake up sister.... Crazy about you....
Talk To me girl.... Crazy about you...
No matter what we say she is... Crazy about you.

I like when we talk all night keeping waving bye-bye's
Through the camera I swear that I'v tried
Not to picture you and, I in the same room at the same time x3.
Hmm, I'v been thinking what's next?
Will I be his woman or just a fling like his exes? Exes?
Excuse me ladys, you know me well, the game is on see you in hell now.

Boooy I bet you DON'T. KNOW. YET. but I got you on my target
Boooy, ASAP I'll be your Queen and you my King

I'm gonna show them who I am, make sure they'll understand I'll be
The last one standing on the and with you my man cause,
Baby, hmm
You don't know what you give me, Hmm
You make my body shaking, when you're by my side
Oh baby, Hmm
What is happening to me ?
The beat is going slowly, for you and I

(Refrain x 2)

#Soul #Jazz

Date de sortie

13 April 2016

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Elena Serna

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