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24, Music composer/ Beatmaker / Graphic Artist / Audio Engineer. The Album "EVOLU+ION" available on Itunes. evolu+ion/id1081167218


SKRIIM is a 24 year old music producer/composer. He started in 2010 and is originally from the hiphop culture,but is now more versed in musical genres like Electro,pop,dance,and classical. He has produced for local music artists as well as international artists from Africa(Dareal, Teddy doherty and inna money, Jurikid, Pasko The Rascal), UK (IcePic) and USA(Twinski).He Has already released two Instrumental mixtapes; Area51 Volume 1(2012) and 2(2014). "I was raised in a very hiphop/rap environment, so I was influenced by that style. I started making music compositions(beats) for family members and was encouraged in that direction.I was 15 years old at the time, but very soon I felt like this was becoming boring. I felt imprisoned in this style which did not allow me to express myself (through music alone) as much as I would like. Sometimes the rapper( for whom i am making a beat) would not even understand the music he is about to write upon (picture yourself making a sorrowful composition and some "rapper" just jumps on it rapping about him having "racks" and "bi***es"). So I started listening to electronic music, and classical music and what I noticed was; most of these songs did not have vocal perfomers on them. These artists were completely expressing themselves through their music alone, and that was when I started growing much interest in those musical genres. All these years of listening, reading and learning about music and its science, made me this versatile. I feel like i can finally "talk" through my musical styles and hopefully let the audience feel as i felt when composing."


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