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Summer Time


Produit par : Cheetah

Yeah,I got my purple swagg on, purple swagg on
KGX1 got that purple swagg on
I got my purple swagg on, purple swagg on
My homie girl Cheetah got that purple swagg on, purple swagg on
A.K.O soldier (I tought I told ya...)

It's been a long time comin' but I been here before
Back to share a piece of my mind with all of y'all
Still chasin' the wind, hoping I hit the mall
Wishing that I break forth with my back against the wall
Heart broken, I was a heartbreaker too (Yes)
Preach violence, just to see the fans act fool (Yes)
Wise words gotten when I dropped out of school
Wasted like a junky in the swimming pool
Feel my flow and please don't feel sorry for me
I'm like a prophet confirming the prophecy
It's only when you fall that you really rise again
Drown in my sins, God carry me again
The heat is on, I gotta be the master chef
Hell's kitchen, cuz the world is like the devil's breath
They say the Word of God is the only alabi left
Some call it "Summer Time", I call it choking the industry to def


Summer time, Summer grind
This ain't paradise but we wanna shine
We can't knock the hustle but we need a dime
We be laughin' and cryin' at the same time
We got that purple swagg, KGX1 is the tag my homie
It's that Summer time, yeah
It's that Summer time (x2)


Diamond in the dirt (dirt), I wasn't bright enough ('nough)
Sell dreams that we can't afford to leave enough ('nough)
Man is the cause of his curse so carry your cross
All about bread, reality hurts like hernia
Fame is on the run like dem athlets in Kenya
We make it rain but it's drought in Somalia
And make peace through war like in Syria
The world is upside down, you gotta be an acrobate
Crime pays but I only wanna sell rimes
Close my eyes, see myself in the Summer Time
The game is ugly, mama gave me a Bible
Told me to stay true, like these verses in the Bible
The truth is painful, at the very low cost
Like a candle, I'm burning this track for those lost
American dreamers in an african nightmare
Summer time is here, so you better get your own share

HOOK (x2)

#Rap #Jazz #Hip-Hop

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04 June 2016

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Purple Swagg c'est le billet de 10 kolo violet au Cameroun.
Commentaire de Boris.D.


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