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Featuring : Ewube
Produit par : Phil John

Yesso ! Yesso ! (Ako arré kan nju, Ako arré) (x2)
Yesso !

[Verse 1: A.K.O]
Yo! I write songs that the hood could relate to
Drop verbs that the kids could reflect to
Forfiling dreams good kids go mad to
Rose on the concret that the roots wanna get through
On the platform, summit is my review
Trynna rap sense, money na dey issue
So hot to hold so cold to handle
"Its like a B-Day, make a wish blow the candles"
The motherland is all red
Everybody needs a piece of his own bread
So i gotta get the keys
Lay down a legady
Drive to eternity
Thats my own trend
I see a million in every penny i make
See a breakthrough the hard ways that i gotta take
Moltivated by the heart breaks that i get
Victory is all i need so i gotta go get it nowwww !

[Chorus: Ewube]
Heading to victory , no retire
Enduring the injuries through the wire
We never gonna stop till we higher
And victory is gonna be our next shoot !

[Verse 2: A.K.O]
Blood of a king through the vains of a slaves
Like a strange fruit, am not the son of the soil
From grass to grace, from the grace to the grave, bleeding sugar cain blood for the tracks you enjoy
Fame brings love that will leave you soon, the only "fan" I had is still spinning in my room
Shout out to Samy, Damien and the crew, KGX1 and all we been through
All that glitters ain't gold but thanks for supporting from day go
The road to success is very narrow no cross no crown like Yesu Christo (yeah !)
Big dreams in the heart of a small guy
Nightmares I was still under God's eye too many wounds but i will not cry
Cause life is a game where we living to die (die die)

[Bridge 1: A.K.O]
Mandem a kong mé tetep, Etar Mandem a kong me tetep (x3)

[Bridge 2: Ewube]
We still on the road
We never gonna stop
Na God we di trust ma brother, sisters no be luck
You feeling like me put ya "V" in di air (in di airrrrr)

[Chorus: Ewube]

#Hip-Hop #Afro-Pop

Date de sortie

04 June 2016

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