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Dj Knory!
You be my...

HOOK (x2)

If you comot Mamfe, you be my (Manor)
All Abakwa boys na ma (Manor)
Aboré nyèh ré na na da so (Manor)
If you don't know my name just holla (Manor)


Erreur for mboutoukou na damé for ndoss
Suffer don finish so let's make a toast
Dj Knory on the beat and Ako on the flow
Manor etchina etchi sayiri
Etanti mô manyan I comot Mamfe
L'enfant du pays, make you no tenter
Like Samson Bokolo I get the swagga
Mami Eru, put me one kanda
I take ocader for go see Manor
Manor est sorti, da one na minor
Friendship is like wine, e dey for Bible
My Manor dey plenty, I no di scramble (Oh!)



I don enter for cellule for sika (Manor)
I don work mbambe me and my (Manor)
I don be na nanga boko sika (Manor)
I don go kankan eglise me and my (Manor)
That when the dough come we tchop am me and (Manor)
Même dans le nguémé na da so so me and (Manor)
As I enter Yaoundé, I meet up (Manor)
Go Douala, go for Buea me and (Manor)
We enter Bafoussam, we meet up (Manor)
We tchop achu ba bakwa me and (I like achu so tééé)
Mon frère, on est quelqu'un derrière quelqu'un
If you don't have yours I get my (Manor)

HOOK (x2)


Manor ééé, Manor
You know how we roll me and my Manor
Manor ééé, Manor
This is how we do me and my Manor!

#Rap #Hip-Hop

Date de sortie

04 June 2016

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