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Debra Debs

London-based NeoSoulfulRnBAfroJazzyThings singer and song-writer.

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Debra Debs is, as she defines herself a “NeoSoulfulRnBAfroJazzyThings” singer and song-writer” originally from Cameroon currently based in London. Debra Deds believes Africa is love, is home, is the future. She grew up listening to talented artists from the mother of Jazz- Ella Fitzgerald through to Maxwell, India Arie , Jill Scott, Kelly Price, Asa and RnB boybands from the 90's such as Boyz to Men, her music is definitely full of inspirational tones ranging from love to socio-conscious issues. Debra Debs owes her early music days to her mother’s Jazz collection and the missionary boarding school for girls she attended where she sang tenor in both the choir and girl band formed with 7 classmates. She released her first EP WHUMAN in 2011 and her first LP album Lifecycles in 2013.


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