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Danielle Eog Makedah

Danielle EOG est une jeune artiste camerounaise,fan de Bossa nova, connue dans le milieu depuis de nombreuses années déjà, pour ses duos,et surtout sa voix exceptionnelle, plutôt atypique dans le paysage musical du mboa.


Paris born in the 80’s, Danielle Eog Makedah revives with her roots during her teenagers years, when she flew back to Yaounde in Cameroon in 1997. She was discovered by Krotal in 1999 and her collaboration with Rap Conteurs 1 on the hit song “Je Wanda” contributed to her visibility. Her musical style, greatly inspired by R’n’B and afro music found a large audience within the Hip-Hop universe where she multiplied collaborations, notably with Ayriq Akam, Sultan Oshimhin and did backup vocals for Manu Dibango, Les Nubians and Fredy Massamba.. After performing with some of the greatest names of afro music, she took the jump and started working on her solo debut album, Peace, Love and Light released in 2013, where she is able to put together afrobeat, neo-soul, makossa, jazz and Hip-Hop.

Since then Danielle Eog Makedah is widely acknowledged as the one of the queens of Cameroon neo-soul movement. One of her strongest points is her musical diversity, certainly a result of her eclectic influences, Nina Simone, Jill Scott, Bob Marley, Fela Kuti and D’Angelo, among others. She brings together a Hip-Hop influence and at the same time with a soulful influence. Makedah also takes advantage of the linguistic diversity and pluralism Cameroon has to offer, in her debut album Peace, Love and Light, songs are performed in different languages which flow into each other and are held together by her impressive vocal range.


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